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Video conversations with Jackie

How to get your children to listen to you
How to get your child to stop ignoring youWith our 28 Day Make My Child Listen Challenge starting this Sunday, 1st July,[...]
Is Your Affectionate Name Calling Causing Trouble
Is your affectionate name calling unconsciously causing trouble?My little drama queenMy little terd-burgerMy little B**tch or 'She's a little cow'.My[...]
ADHD Child Stress
Stress over ADHD Child's BehaviourThe mindset you approach your child's challenging behaviour with, is so crucial in whether you will[...]

Blogs with Jackie

Child Behaviour 

Child behaviour solutions don’t work, so I get angry
Why is it that you try so hard to find solutions to your child’s behaviour so that you can be[...]
Is the ‘no smacking’ rule really making our kids into monsters?
This question was recently asked in one of our recent 28 Day Tame your Temper Parenting Challenge programs: As I[...]

Parenting Blogs

10 Tips to help reduce motherhood stress
Motherhood changes you physically, mentally, emotionally, morally and ethically. Once your child is born, your whole life is turned upside[...]
What’s underneath your postnatal depression?
A current member of the Postpartum depression recovery program, emailed me this evening to say thank you for some words[...]
My kids are really annoying me today
What you learn through our Parental Stress Centre Programs are the tools to begin understanding your emotions - why you[...]

Relationship Blogs

Dads experience parenthood stress too
My two children were born just 16 months apart, and when they were very young it was full on.  When[...]
Meet Real Mumma – My alter ego
Hi, Jackie Hall Here. Those of you who have followed my blogs or read my book The Happy Mum Handbook,[...]
The last 8 years have led to this day…
I write this in the quiet hours of 1 o'clock in the morning. It is the eve (or should I[...]