Postnatal Depression and Anxiety

There IS a way to make it all stop

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    • Postnatal Depression Recovery Program

      If feelings of sadness, hopelessness, overwhelm and loneliness are consuming you and you don’t know where to turn for real help… If you’ve tried it all and you still don’t know how to change how you feel… then what you read next might just be what changes all this for you.

    • Happy Mum Program (Self-paced)

      I threw a loaf of bread across the room and slammed a nearby bread knife on the kitchen bench so hard that it bounced off the bench and narrowly missed my son's head. I screamed, "I HATE MY LIFE" and ran out of the kitchen into my bedroom crying uncontrollably...all with my 6 month old sitting on my hip. For months my life had become a repetitive cycle of getting angry, losing the plot, feeling guilty and then hating myself for behaving this way. I would lie in bed at night, miserable, depressed, surrounded by family, but feeling completely alone...

Postnatal Depression and Anxiety Conversations with Jackie Hall

    • Events don’t cause postnatal depression

      Today I’d like to introduce to you a different theory in regards to what causes postnatal depression. Some of you will be familiar with this information, but some of you will not. This is because so much information on the causes of postnatal depression, seems to be focused on the events going on in your in your life being the culprit;  the labour, the crying baby, the trouble with breastfeeding, lack of support, lost identity, lack of sleep, possibly a combination of all of the above - the list just keeps going on.

Articles on Postnatal Depression and Anxiety

    • You can change your brain to live without stress, depression and anxiety

      The closest predictor of future behaviour is to look at past behaviour. If you look back at the history of your immediate family, their choices and their approach to life, it is highly likely that you have adopted a similar mindset and will make decisions based on this mindset. Which means you are likely to experience similar patterns of doing life that you witnessed in your relatives....

    • The Seven Stages of Postnatal Depression

      Hi all, Jackie Hall here. Today I wanted to personally talk a bit about postnatal depression, for this was what I was experiencing before I began training myself to think differently and before Real Mumma came along to help me through it. The hardest part of anything we feel completely consumed by, is knowing where the best place to start is.

    • Why you’ll never be a perfect parent

      I understand that the little bundles of joy we bring home from the hospital are the sunshine of our lives. There are no words to describe how precious our children are to us and we want to be the best parents possible so they can live happy, healthy, and successful lives.